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Re: [IP] Scope of Disability Law Questioned

I just went yesterday to have my physical for my new job I will start
training for on May 3rd..  I told them of my disease and they told me I
could work but need to keep my sugars in the normal range or I can be
terminated..  The reason being is I will be working at Lexington and I have
to drive the clients around....I will be working from 2pm till 11pm and I
have to pick them up from school and bring them back to the homes and take
care of them..If they need to go to the doctors I have to bring them..  They
said I have to have a note from the doctor every six months  telling them my
sugars are fine and to see if I have any highs/lows..  I wanted to tell the
doctor of course I'm going to have some highs/lows my sugars are not going
to be normal 24/7..But I kept my mouth shut because I really need this job..
Of course when I do drive I will always check my sugar to make sure they are
fine and not low ..  So I'm alittle nervous because deep down I know I'm
going to have highs/lows sometimes during working hours..  I'm wondering if
anyone on the list has worked at lexington or a place like that..(working
with developmental disabled people) and how they dealt with it..
Stacey  email @ redacted

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