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Re:[IP]Diabtes EASY DIsease

I find diabetes very very difficult for me. I believe it is because I have
other auto-immune diseases and chronic pain that does not give me the control
over my BGs that I would like.  Also, I have seen many people (friends and
family) that have died or have had severe complications from diabetes. I don;t
see it as easy but this is my opinion.
Food planning is very difficult for me because swallowing problems. I also
food allergies. I am finding diabetes very difficult.
As for  secondary problems I have hypertension and nerve pain.
But I am 49..not old at all but have had it long enough that it is starting to
affect my body.
I find trying to find foods I can handle..trying to keep Bgs in as normal as I
can range while using prednisone...trying to keep track of all my health needs
very tiring. I guess it is a YMMV issue.
Thanks for your input.

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