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[IP] Neuropathy

e is expecting too much, too soon. Most of my patients take several weeks to 
get close to perfect. No one is perfect and perfection should not be 
sought...then you will always feel like a failure. He needs to relax and be 
patient. Our endo doesn't expect his patients to be in tight control right at 
the start. How much of your previous day's longer acting insulin was still 
active in your system? There is documented research that indicated injected 
insulin absorption can vary widely from day to day. So, that means that some 
of your long acting will be active when you expect it to be, and some will be 
active when you least expect it. I was going to apologize for getting up on 
my high horse, but I won't. I hate this attitude!

You know that was a concern that I had Barbara.  I stopped taking my evening 
UL on Friday night, my morning UL on Saturday morning and my NPH on Sat 
Midnight.  I know that on Monday I still had UL in my system.  Yesterday I 
ran between 68 and 107 all day.  I just couldn't take it.  Had severe 
headaches and a throbbing that was awful.  My whole body felt like a lead 
weight that I could barely move.  At 3:30 we lowered the basals by .2 and now 
I have blood sugars in the 135 to 280 range.  ISN'T THERE A HAPPY MEDIUM?  
Sorry really frustrated.  I couldn't handle 70-100 all day.  I know that is 
normal and the goal but I couldn't function.  DR has now agreed we need to do 
it more gradually and keep me at 120-180 for a couple of weeks and then drop 
it again.  Now I have to get into that range.  I don't like 280 either.

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