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Re:[IP]Diabtes EASY DIsease

Hi Ginny,
I actually have to agree a little bit with Jef.
But my reasons differ slightly.

I have never felt at a disadvantage having diabetes.
I have always done what I wanted, when I wanted and never
	was ashamed to tell people I was diabetic.
I try hard to keep it under control and do have the occastional high and
	low.  My highs never seem to stop me, and the lows don't keep me
	down for long.  
I was diagnosed at age 4 and don't remember not having diabetes, so it 
	seems completely normal to me.  In fact until I was 6 I thought
	everyone did the tests and injections. :)  Even my brothers in 
	private. <double grin>.

I do agree that it isn't an "easy" disease to control, however with
enough discipline and support, in can be regulated more efficiently for
most people.  In my case I have yet to experience any complications and
I don't feel it is a disability.  I have been a diabetic for 19 years
and the lack of complications is sort of a mental medal I wear.  The
word "disability" really needs to be put in more context to be fully
applied on this site however.  

On the news the other night they were talking about cases for others on
this law.  There was a man who was suing his workplace because they
fired him for not being productive on the job.  He was taking about two
or three days off a month to regulate himself on his blood pressure
meds.  He claimed it was a disability and the company claimed that it
wouldn't be if he took better care of himself and his meds.  

So on that note, YMMV.  Like Jef I have never found it a disability, but
then again I may be one of the lucky ones.
Hope I didn't rub anyone the wrong way.
Just my 2 cents.

-- Sherry Webb Nolan
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