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[IP] HOME SCHOOLING a diabetic child.........

"Hi All --

Just out of curiosity has anyone considered homeschooling their child because 
of the day in-day out turmoil caused from the diabetes.  We originally had 
problems with an IEP with our daughter's school but once we got that ironed 
out things have gone as smooth (I guess as smooth as one can get) with a 
younger child on a pump.   

A year ago I would have NEVER considered homeschooling but now after a 
particular weary day I must confess the idea appeals more and more to 
me........... "

Would you consider home schooling if your child DIDN"T have diabetes??? If 
you pull your child from school purely because of his diabetes, both you and 
your child may resent the move(and his diabetes) in the long run.

Weigh the reasons for homeschooling WITHOUT diabetes in the picture(would you 
pull one of your kids if they didn't have diabetes?? Does your school's 
curriculum measure up??Does your child like to socialize, etc) and if the 
positives of homeschooling outweight the negatives, then go for it. 
Otherwise, leave your child in school.

(mom of 2 kids with diabetes)
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