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Re: [IP]Diabetes EASY DIsease??

> I think the world has gone crazy. 

You could stop right there and *I* would agree :>

> On another list there is discussion about the ADA leagl cases before the
supreme court. one person called the ADA to see what this is going about.
One of the cases is about diabetes. This person thinks diabetes is not a
disability because it is a "disease that is easily regulated by food, meds
and taking bgs"

> I do not think diabetes is an "easy" disease to have.
> Do any of you think it is an easy disease?
> If not why not?
> If so why is it an "easy" disease?
> Am I nutz? I do not think this is an easy disease at all!

As diseases go, I'd take this one anyday; that is, if I had to have a
disease. I wouldn't say it was very difficult. Sure we either have daily
injections or a pump strapped to us but it is far better than say AIDS or
the likes. My doctor once said to me diabetes was the healthies disease I
could have gotten. (he may have said it just to make me feel better :|)

I do think it's a big hassle, but it has become pretty much a part of my
life. (I was diagnosed as a sophomore in high school, it's been 7 yrs)
Just stay educated and be safe, things usually work out in the end ;)

> Do you think it is a disability?

Hell no. I rock climb, play ultimate frisbee, work full-time, and a whole
slew of other things. NOBODY is going to tell me *I* have a disability.

-Jef Lepine

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