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Re: [IP] pumping up some advice!

>what do you mean when you say you suffered with the sof sets?  that is what
>i am using now, and though i haven't had any problems i am wondering if
>there is something better that i should try...


I should have been clearer.  I was very uncomfortable with the sof-sets.  I
am quite small (5'3" and weigh 105). I used the sof-sets for 11 months.  I
often felt the sof-sets "stabbing" me.  They would rub against muscle and
cause *excruciating* pain for me.  Because I'm not well insulated, they
were going too deep.  The Silhouette / Tender / Comfort sets (they are the
same set with 3 different brand names) go in at an angle so I can control
the depth of the insertion.  Most folks who are "lean" have better results
with these sets.  The other advantage of the silhouettes is that they have
no tubing tail hanging down when you disconnect and they require no
additional tape.  Many people seem to be having problems with the sof-set
tape -- either it doesn't stick, or they are allergic to it -- the sils
require no additional tape and fewer people seem to be allergic.

However, if the sof-sets are working well for you, and you like the way
they disconnect, I see no reason to change.  They do have the advantage of
having the automatic inserter, which the sils don't have (yet).  You can
call minimed and ask for a free sample of the silhouette if you want to try

Mary Jean

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