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Re: [IP] Causes of Type 1

There was a meningitis scare here where we live.  One little boy died and
2-3 others were affected.  Well needless to say as a mother of 3 kids (81/2,
7, 14 months) I took them into the doctor when I first noticed they had the
flu (at the same time as the scare).  Our Dr. gave the youngest a shot, and
then all three of them a medication specifically for the flu.  One week
later we did a city wide vaccine for meningitis (approximately 5000 kids
from 18mths to 21 yrs).  Three weeks after this Taylor (8 1/2) was diagnosed
with Type 1 diabetes.  The internal medicine Dr. who admitted him to the
hospital figured he got it from the flu virus.  And his endo confirmed this
thought.  So much for a "touch of the flu"!!
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><< <Many people acquire Type 1 after having had chicken pox or coxsakie
> and a few other things that re-arrange the antibodies in your immune
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>I developed Type I two weeks after having the flu.
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