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[IP] re: pumps and bulges and whatever it was

Hi Sara
The reason I can't disconnect for dancing is it doesn't work very well for me.
For a 2-3 hour dance class, that's too long to be disconnected without a bolus as i'm high by the end.
If I take a bolus before I disconnect, I will go low immediately.
If I take a bolus and eat something, I will be fine to start with and then back to the problem of being high towards the end.
Also I find it hard to dance after eating (even a small snack).
If I take a bolus halfway through, again it just crashes me instantly.
Boluses and exercise are guaranteed to make me crash, even if my BG is rising.

A dance competition lasts approximately 14 or 15 hours, suring which
time the amount I dance and the amount of stress will vary
considerably depending on which dances I happen to be doing, how many
rounds of each dacne I get through, how they organise the competition
etc. Extremely variable. I had immense problems on MDI delaig with
comps, which is why i don't want to disconnect for the whole day of
the comp. Also, again I find it extremely hard to eat anything during
a competition unless I get a long break somewhere in the middle.

I can dance with the pump in my bra (tried it last night and it worked
fine) though as
you say, bolusing aint easy! But it's easy enough to slip out of the
room for a second and just go into the corridor or something, or turn
my back and pretend I'm "adjusting my costume" while I get it out.

Having beeping and potentially alarming breasts is of course another
matter <g>.

I'm looking into the thigh thing too as that might be easier with
competitive dress. Unfortunately they don't make it in bright pink :-)

Does that answer your question?

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