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[IP] Confusion over fat question

John Bowen and Nancy Morgan wrote:

> 5.  Meals high in fat, or more than 6 ounces of protein, raise sugar 3-4
> hours after the meal, and it stays there for about 8 hours.  Haven't figured
> out a ratio for it yet, so if you've endulged, you just have to keep
> checking and be prepared to bolus more.

I'm still working on this one!! Problem is, I can't seem to find a
pattern, and I'm really unsure of what to do:

I had macaroni and cheese for lunch today -- 3 hours after eating, I was
121, but 6 hours after eating I was 161. Well, I think 161 is too high
for dinner! So I bolused one extra unit and ate anyway.

But what I'm confused about is, I did a square-wave -- 1/2 unit per hour
for 4 hours -- so is the problem that I didn't take enough insulin on
the square wave, or is it that I should have continued the square wave
longer? How do I know which is which?

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