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Re: [IP] Neuropathy

In a message dated 4/27/99 11:44:13 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<no longer feel your 
low blood sugar reactions and don't have signs such as sweating, shaking etc. 
 I didn't know but there supposedly several different kinds of neuropathy.  
Many have different degrees of feeling loss.  My neuropathy is severe because 
I totally can unrecognized a reaction till I am passed out and seizing.  >>

Dear Kathleen,

 Even when you don't have the traditional symptoms of hypoglycemia, you can 
train yourself to be aware of the neurological symptoms before the point of 
passing out and seizures.  With me, inability to concentrate, blind spots in 
my right eye (only noticed if I am reading), and extreme lethargy are clues 
to do a blood test -- also my husband sometimes notices what he thinks is 
unreasonableness, which almost always makes me very angry but I have learned 
by experience to test then too.  As you can imagine, this sometimes involves 
a whole lot of tests.

And with these many tests, I sometimes can go for days with just about 
perfect readings, but other times (like this week) my blood sugar patterns 
seem to have been affected by overnurturing extraterrestrials who randomly 
have added their blood sugar lowering elixir.  I may or may not ever figure 
it out (the dental work this morning may help, and then there's always that 
old perimenopausal possibility, or maybe some exciting, new reason for odd 
blood sugars).  I have stopped expecting perfection.  The pump makes it so 
much easier and quicker to get back to normal.

Linda Zottoli
dx1955 at age 8, pumping 6 mos.
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