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[IP] Things I wish I knew when I started pumping

There are so many things I've learned either by trial and error, or from the
list, or my private e-mail pals, and occasionally, from my endo or CDE.
Here are a few of my pearls of wisdom:
1.  Insulin to Carb ratios change according to the time of day, day of the
week, and phase of the moon.  Jenna varies from 1:9 (school mornings), 1:12
(non-school mornings), 1:15 (rest of the day after breakfast) to 1:18 (after
exercise).  Our CDE didn't tell us that, and our 1:20 all day that we
started out with was a bust.
2.  The Humalog/Velosulin mix really does work when sites only last for 2
days, despite my endo's advice that there is no scientific reason why it
3.  When sugars have been high for more than 4 hours or so, it takes twice
as much insulin to get them down as it does otherwise (insulin resistance).
4.  When adrenaline's flowing in the system, it takes 6 hours for it to go
away, and there isn't enough insulin in the pump to get the sugars down
until the adrenaline is gone.  So bolus conservatively and wait it out (this
goes for the adrenaline from hypoglycemia, as well as physical and emotional
5.  Meals high in fat, or more than 6 ounces of protein, raise sugar 3-4
hours after the meal, and it stays there for about 8 hours.  Haven't figured
out a ratio for it yet, so if you've endulged, you just have to keep
checking and be prepared to bolus more.
6.  If there's blood in an infusion catheter, change it.  It won't work
long, if it works at all.
7.  Any site that hurts is a bad site.  These things just don't hurt when
they're in right.
8.  Tincture of Benzoin will make anything stick to anyone.
9.  Swimsuit lining material (available at fabric stores) makes the greatest
pump pockets for the inside of almost any garment.
10.  Pumps are virtually indestructable.  Don't worry about  them.
11.  Have extra batteries with you at all times.  Also, have one complete
site change kit every where you go.

Nancy Morgan

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