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Re: [IP] Gestational Diabetes

Can you really get it from Chicken Pox?  I don't mean this in a mocking way,
but I still am unclear as to how I ended up with type1.
I had chicken pox at 6 mo., severe bronchitis at 2 years, but wasn't
diagnosed until I was 4 years old.  My bg at diagnosis was 868.  The only
reason they caught it was that my skin broke out in a HUGE rash.  The skin
was very sensitive to the increased sugar in my blood and it was causing the
rash.  Add insulin and I became rash free.  I had no major illness before
that, and no family history.  I always figured it was that curse my older
brother put on me when I was three. :-)  But seriously, can diabetes be
stimulated by Chicken Pox?

- Sherry
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><< Mmmm, you snipped the relevant part of my quote: TYPE TWO is more likely
> to occur in those who were small babies. Plus notice I said low weight
> for gestational age. That does NOT include preemies -- the majority of
> preemies are the right weight for their gestational age, but just come
> too early, and so don't fall into that category of being at risk for
> Type 2 later in life (unless there's a family history of Type 2).
> Type 1 and Type 2 are TOTALLY different diseases, and the size of your
> babies had exactly nothing to do with their developing Type 1 diabetes.
> They just had the bad luck to have the genes which predispose them to
> autoimmune diseases AND have it triggered for some reason -- but the
> reason wasn't anything that happened during your pregnancy, nor was it
> their prematurity.
>  >>
>Thanks Natalie,
> I understood what you meant and I was just making MY OWN speculation
>here about my kids.  I am completely aware of the total difference between
>type 1 & 2.  I was just making a speculation as to whether their
>could have been part of what predisposed them to diabetes.  I know it needs
>to be triggered and I know EXACTLY what triggered it in each one.  Chicken
>pox in one, severe bronchitis in another and tumor surgery in the last one.
>The reason I took that particular part of your quote was because it was the
>OPPOSITE of what I had always wondered and I found that interesting and
>rather relieving.  I know I didn't DO anything to give them diabetes but
>you end up with THREE of them, it does make you wonder why.  Just a
>little guilt trip here, I guess.
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