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Re: [IP] HOME SCHOOLING a diabetic child.........

With the amount of time it would take to home school, I would put that time
into making sure that my child's regular school made the appropriate


"Gee, no......G3!"

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>Subject: [IP] HOME SCHOOLING a diabetic child.........
>Date: Tue, Apr 27, 1999, 12:00 AM

> Hi All --
> Just out of curiosity has anyone considered homeschooling their child because
> of the day in-day out turmoil caused from the diabetes.  We originally had
> problems with an IEP with our daughter's school but once we got that ironed
> out things have gone as smooth (I guess as smooth as one can get) with a
> younger child on a pump.
> A year ago I would have NEVER considered homeschooling but now after a
> particular weary day I must confess the idea appeals more and more to
> me...........
> Sherri
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