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[IP] Pensacola, Florida Pump Friendly Doctor

I met a lady from Pensacola, Florida, who saw me setting my bolus one day.
She said she has a son, 13, who is a diabetic.  I told her about the pump
and encouraged her to call Minimed and get their information folder and talk
to the doctor.

This weekend I saw her again.  She got the MM material and her son is very
interested.  Her son's endo told her, apparently, that her son was too out
of control right now for the pump, and she doesn't think he is a good
candidate for the pump.  (This on top of financial limitations).  I
encouraged her to look for a doctor that is more familiar with pump therapy.

I know I have seen Pensacola people on this list.  Can anyone recommend a
pump friendly endo in that area?  She also has the Florida children's
insurance program.  Does anyone have any pump experience with the state
regarding coverage under that program?

Herbert Newell
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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