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[IP] bulges

First of all, to Kasey, my apologies to Kayla!!!  I just have this picture in 
my mind of this pint sized pip-squeak of a doll, running around with this 
HUGE box hanging off her waistband...not to mention the mile long tubing...I 
can imagine what my almost 6 year old niece would look like with the pump 
attached to her little pink bellbottoms (she is in some kind of a hippie 
stage...)...sorry 8-)

Di wrote:

> I don't always want to advertise the fact that I'm wearing a pump. 

and I certainly don't "advertise" either...but I don't advocate wasting time 
and energy on trying to hide it either...like Renee's doctor who perished for 
hiding his diabetes cuz he was worried about what other people thought.  Of 
course everyone is free to do and feel and dress as they wish...cuz this is 
America, and even if you live somewhere else where freedom of expression is 
not a constitutional right, I still believe that you ought to have it, and I 
would never suggest that you are wrong to want to hide it!

 I just don't think "we" (the collective) should be so concerned with what 
"they" (the other) think!

Di wrote:
> for me it's another issue of where can I wear the pump comfortably 
> and securely, especially for active sports when the length of time means 
> I can't disconnect, and I don't want to go back to...injections 

Just out of curiosity, what sport do you do that you can't be disconnected?  
I know you dance, and wear tiny little clothes, but can't you bolus before 
you disconnect and during breaks reconnect back up?  I work out strenuously 
(stairclimber and rowing and weight lifting) almost every day (close to 2 
hours)...during which time the pump is usually on .1 basal or suspend, so I 
COULD just take it off for those 2 hours... While those "sports" aren't 
hazardous to a pump, I also on occasion rollerblade, go white water rafting, 
ride seadoos on the lake, ride a motorcycle when i can find a guy willing to 
give me a ride, climb through that big plastic thing at the Discovery Zone 
with my niece and nephew...run full tilt through Disneyland, climb the French 
Alps, sunbathe NUDE on the Riviera, and ride all those upside down 
rollercoasters at Six Flags...all securely attached to my pump with ONLY the 
spring clip keeping it attached to me (well except on the nude beach...tee 

Aesthetics aside...it WILL hold the pump onto you...I have pulled sites out 
doing some of the things above, but since using this clip (as opposed to the 
useless plastic one they used to have), not ONCE has the pump every gone for 
a joyride without my permission.

And as you say...most importantly, like anything new, you WILL get used to 

Di wrote:

> I [am] able to wear it in the front of my bra without it showing, 
> but that's not always convenient. 

I so agree!!  I COULD wear it there, and do when I have no where else to put 
it, but think I would draw a LOT more attention to myself by dipping my hand 
down the front of my shirt to pull out the pump to give a bolus or silence an 
alarm, than to merely pluck it from my waistband...which no one even noticed 
in the first place!

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