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Re: [IP] tape issues

In a message dated 04/26/1999 10:52:19 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< s experiencing some problems with his tape on his sites.  He uses the 
 soft-set w/o the tape they include, but puts the Smith+Nephew IV3000 over 
 whole thing.  He starting doing this because it stayed in place better for 
 him.  Now, as he is more active and sweats much more, the tape does not 
stick  >>


Since you can get the Smith+Nephew products, pick up a box of Skin Prep pads 
and give these a try.  The provide a "film" over the skin which acts as a 
barrier between the skin and the tape (prevents rash) and helps the tape 
adhere better.  

Check out the colostomy care section at a medical supply house to see all the 
other products available, there are other manufacturers and other products.  
There should be something that will help him.

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