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Re: [IP] Scope of Disability Law Questioned

In a message dated 04/27/1999 12:38:41 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Having a condition that at any moment you could have a low blood sugar and 
 unable to function is a disability. I'm having complications so a have been 
 keeping tighter control of my diabetes I work as a nursing asst./tech on a 
 cardiac unit. I have 7-10 patients a day to care for. I'm responsible for 
 bathing, changing dirty diapers, recording I&O,2 HR 
 pt ,drawing lab and many more things I can not thing of right now. Since 
 trying to get better control I have about 4 lows a day at work. I get low 
 when we are busy and I don't have time to play with my pump. The other day 
 Bs was 30 a had to tell my RN because I could not stand up much less draw 
 someone's blood (I like to see you draw someone's blood with a 30 Bs) My RN 
 wanted me to go home I had to tell her I, d be OK in 15 minutes. Now I try 
 hide until my Bs comes up. Some of the RN have already question if a should 
 be working there or not. I need the insurance beside my medical problems my 
 husband has a seizure disorder, my daughter has an antity/depression 
 disorder, ADD,learning disability. >>

Below is my understanding of the ADA law as explained to me by the attorney 
who handles these type of issues at the company I work for (a large insurance 

By law, your employer has to make accommodations for your needs.  You can't 
get fired because you have to take a break to treat your hypos.  (btw, I'm 
glad you 'hide' in the break room rather pull blood or stand around as this 
promotes the fact that you are unavailable for the next few minutes).

However, your employer doesn't have to make unreasonable accommodations to 
keep you in your current job.  If having or treating a hypo causes danger to 
you or someone else, it is quite legal for them to remove you from that 
situation.  They do have to find you another job within the company, however 
(another one) this may not necessarily have to be a similar type of job.

I hope this helps you feel more secure about keeping your insurance.  You may 
want to ask someone in the Personnel or Human Resources department about 
specific hospital policies.  They will know about ADA and what they can and 
cannot do.  If they don't... you may want to start looking for a lawyer who 
does to protect you.

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