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[IP] Neuropathy

Focal Neuropathy
(including multiplex neuropathy) 
Occasionally, diabetic neuropathy appears suddenly and affects specific 
nerves, most often in the torso, leg, or head. Focal neuropathy may cause: 

Pain in the front of a thigh 
Severe pain in the lower back or pelvis 
Pain in the chest, stomach, or flank 
Chest or abdominal pain sometimes mistaken for angina, heart attack, or 
Aching behind an eye 
Inability to focus the eye 
Double vision 
Paralysis on one side of the face (Bell's palsy) 
Problems with hearing. 
This kind of neuropathy is unpredictable and occurs most often in older 
people who have mild diabetes. Although focal neuropathy can be painful, it 
tends to improve by itself after a period of weeks or months without causing 
long-term damage.

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I just found out yesterday when I was put on the pump, that I have (sorry for 
the spelling) autonomic neuropathy.  That is where you no longer feel your 
low blood sugar reactions and don't have signs such as sweating, shaking etc. 
 I didn't know but there supposedly several different kinds of neuropathy.  
Many have different degrees of feeling loss.  My neuropathy is severe because 
I totally can unrecognized a reaction till I am passed out and seizing.  
(This is what I was told yesterday.)  Scary how more and more keeps coming 
out about the kind of nerve damage that exists when you have diabetes and I 
would surely believe that the above can happen.  I often wonder about the 
pains I will get for no reason.  Sometimes chest pains others in my back and 
I blow it off, but now it makes me wonder if I could be so unreactive to 
severe hypoglycemia why couldn't I be suffering from other neuropathies.

Also yesterday went pretty well.  Jumping from the 200s to 70's.  Almost had 
a reaction on them yesterday but we stopped it.  Also got a pep talk from the 
doc before discharge from the diabetes unit.  Something about failure and 
being a sterling example.  (He is foreign and caught me off guard.)  He 
hardly recommends pumps because he really feels the person has to be 
motivated otherwise why waste the time and money.  I think this is good and I 
do know people with diabetes who wouldn't be pump candidates, but am I a 
failure if I cant achieve normal?  Do you guys always achieve normal sugars?  
Worried now I really like him and he is really good putting this episode 
aside and I don't know.  Is he expecting too much?  How long will it take to 
get that perfect control?

dx at 16 in 1982 and pumping since yesterday.
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