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Re: [IP] liquid diets

Guess my doc doesn't want anything on his camera lens (vbg)```````
Actually, the way they do this test is to start on day one, liquids only, 2 
senekot in the morning and 2 more senekot in the afternoon.
Next day, liquids again and one 300 ml bottle of Citromag , a very nasty 
laxative, at 4 pm.
Then NO nothing after midnight until the test at 8:45 next morning.  Yuk!!
Really appreciated Barb B's input about sticking to basal and only use bolus 
for sugars.  You think that you should know that but it helps when someone 
who is in the know sets it out for you.  It also raises your awareness of 
label reading.  Thank goodness for some gov't rules.  I am always somehow 
surprised when I truly read labels.  I even go to weight-watchers and that is 
a big part of their programme.
Hope everything was OK with your tests as I am hoping for that outcome.
Thanks for your input!
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