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[IP] Bulges, bumps and pockets

     This is a letter for all you young kids out there who don't remember 
     the first three generations of pumps.  There were two original pump 
     manufacturers (neither of which do anymore) which made  pumps that in 
     todays view would be considered 'unwearable'.
     I remember having my pump in it's case on my belt (because at it's 
     size I couldn't imagine hiding it anywhere) and having a manager at 
     work yell at me for wearing a walkman all the time.  He was expecially 
     insenced that I had the headphone cord tucked into my shirt so I could 
     listen to the headphones from under my shirt full time!  (Wow: he had 
     a great idea-> I should market it)
     After this I took a sock, cut off the bottom and 'attached' the silly 
     pump to my left leg.  this was NOT so bad but taking a bolus was kind 
     of interesting to say the least.  
     For the 'modern' pumps: one could probably make a holder for the upper 
     thigh or lower leg and not really have it show unless one is wearing 
     next to nothing.  One might put under arm but requires a shirt with 
     large enough room to hold it.
     Oh for the good old days of changing batteries every 24 hours and 
     diluting insulin to get THE basal rate correctly.  
     (If anyone HAS an old pump or any of the manuals I am very very 
     interested in borrowing.  Please e-mail me privately.)
     Yerachmiel Dinasour Altman
     Grandfather of modern day pumper

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