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Re: [IP] pumping up some advice!

  Things that you wish you would have done 
>when you started out or wish you had done differently. Stuff you wish you 
>knew when starting out.   Thanks!!!!

The one thing I wish I had done was start immediately with the Comfort/
Tender/ Silhouette type of infusion set.  I suffered far too long with the
sof-sets.  The other advice I have for you is to keep as accurate records
as possible during the weeks leading up to your pump start.  This will help
with figuring out basals and figuring out your carb to insulin ratio (if
you don't already know it).  I also wish someone had told me to keep my
pump in its leather case while I was working outside in the yard or
building our cabin.  My pump has some scratches on the display now that I
wish weren't there.  :-)  20-20 Hindsight!

Mary Jean

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