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When Pumping ISN'T Working (was)Re: [IP] Gestational Diabetes

    Just wanted to commiserate with you that YES, pump therapy is an AWESOME 
improvement over the frustrations of MDI, but that doesn't negate the fact 
that when it ISN'T working for whatever reason ( site infection, tape not 
sticking, sets "going bad", impending illness, etc) the frustrations, the 
emotional rollercoaster, the "I HATE THIS" feelings, are no different at that 
moment than they were on MDI. 
    So feel free to "vent away" here where we've all "been there/done that" & 
know that for every one of "those days" when NOTHING seems to go right 
pump-wise, there are thankfully many many other moments to offset it when 
having an insulin pump IS an absolute G-dsend!

Regards, Renee (who is trying to remember that although Melissa feels lousy 
because she woke up at 240 & had to change her set & not eat anything, that 
it's been WEEKS since she woke up "that high"...which years ago I wouldn't 
have even CONSIDERED as being that HIGH at all!!!........)
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