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[IP] re:without the bulge

Personally I don't agree with Sara's attitude about the bulge of
pumps, but that's just me. I don't always want to advertise the fact
that I'm wearing a pump. But mostly for me it's another issue of where
can I wear the pump comfortably and securely, especially for active sports when the
length of time means I can't disconnect, and I don't want to go back
to all the problems associated with injections and long-acting
insulin, even for a day.

however, I've found that some of initial fears are slightly
unfounded. Obviously it's going to feel weird to have a pump in your
bra or wherever. My initial reaction was "I can't wear it there
because it feels weird / insecure / it bulges".
but after a while you get used to it. And sometimes you think there's
a vrealyl obvious bulge because you know it's there and because you're
looking at that spot thinking "is there a bulge?"
Most people don't stare intently at your chest to see if it bulges
Wearing it in the side of my bra I thought it was really
noticeable. then I realised that it was just because I could *feel* the
bulge that I thought everyone could see it.
I'm lucky in that I have enough to be able to wear it in the front of
my bra without it showing, but that's not always convenient. 
I didn't like the idea ofthe baby sock but I've found something
else. Dont' know if you get them in the US but we have these footsie
things which are like tights which just cover the sole of your foot so
you feel like you're wearing tights in shoes whilst looking like
you're got bare feet. Anyway, my pump goes in one of those soubled
around  and it's
just about see through but strong (made of very thin Lycra) and secure
(as they have an elastic edge to keep it on your foot.
I figure I can also sew a Velcro strip on if need be for more
security. then it oculd attach just about anywhere.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.
hope they make sense to someone.

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