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Re: [IP] Scope of Disability Law Questioned

     So sorry to hear of all you're coping with at this moment.  All I can 
tell you is that when my daughter was 12, we attended a hospital support 
group in which the parents met alone & the pre-teens met elsewhere. One of 
the women in our group was a nurse who often worked the 7pm to 7 am shift. 
Both she & her 11 yr old son had diabetes. She was the first pumper I'd ever 
encountered & when she raved about what a life-saver it had been for her as a 
harried nurse who couldn't remember her name in a crisis, let alone what time 
she "NEEDED" to eat, I was intrigued. Meanwhile, her son had been discussing 
it with the kids & my daughter called & ordered the videos. After overriding 
my initial reluctance, one year later, my then 13 yr old was a pumper too!!  
My fervent pump activism stems primarily from situations such as yours...NO 
ONE should HAVE to live their life "hiding" from others because their 
diabetes might render them susceptible to unjust criticism. My 51 yr old 
physician cousin died one year ago from complications- likely exacerbated by 
the fact that he didn't want anyone to "know", believing "they" would think 
less of his skills, expertise, etc. So he stubbornly "ignored" his diabetes, 
which is a chilling legacy left behind for his now orphaned 2 sons, aged 14 
and 23.
   Hopping off my soapbox once again.....

Regards, Renee (Pump-mom to 16 yr old Melissa)
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