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Re: [IP] Scope of Disability Law Questioned

Having a condition that at any moment you could have a low blood sugar and be 
unable to function is a disability. I'm having complications so a have been 
keeping tighter control of my diabetes I work as a nursing asst./tech on a 
cardiac unit. I have 7-10 patients a day to care for. I'm responsible for 
bathing, changing dirty diapers, recording I&O,2 HR repostioning,transportins 
pt ,drawing lab and many more things I can not thing of right now. Since 
trying to get better control I have about 4 lows a day at work. I get low 
when we are busy and I don't have time to play with my pump. The other day my 
Bs was 30 a had to tell my RN because I could not stand up much less draw 
someone's blood (I like to see you draw someone's blood with a 30 Bs) My RN 
wanted me to go home I had to tell her I, d be OK in 15 minutes. Now I try to 
hide until my Bs comes up. Some of the RN have already question if a should 
be working there or not. I need the insurance beside my medical problems my 
husband has a seizure disorder, my daughter has an antity/depression 
disorder, ADD,learning disability.
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