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[IP] Downsides of pump

Well, I can think of a couple:

1. The insertion of the set can be painful, and the site can become
painful after a while, too. The times it's been painful for me, it's
been a mild pain, like a small cut or pimple. The solution is just to
change the set.

2. The sites CAN get infected. I have not had any, but some people have
had serious ones.

3. You can be allergic to the tapes -- and get red, itchy welts from
them. This doesn't happen to everyone.

4. You ALWAYS have the thing clipped to your clothing -- it can get in
the way, so you have to be creative! (What would a pumper do in a nudist

But, having said that, I still like the pump MUCH better than shots,
because it gives me freedom! Since I was already carb counting on shots,
I truly find the pump to be less work. Plus I don't have to REMEMBER as
many things -- the pump records times and amounts of boluses, so I don't
have to constantly be writing stuff down. And I don't have to remember
to time evening shots properly, nor do I have to wake up at the same
time every morning. And I don't have to remember to have a mid-morning

So all in all, I think the benefits FAR outweigh the downsides. If I
didn't think so, I wouldn't be pumping!! 
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