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[IP] Decreasing insulin needs

Brian Rhodes wrote:
> It seems the more my body becomes used to having insulin again, the less
> I need to have "basal-ed" during the day.  When I started my pump 4
> months ago, I needed 30 units Humalog a day for my basal. Now, if I take
> more than 20, my BG sticks around 60-70, regardless of compensatorial
> boluses at meals.  Anyone else have this problem?

Well, I wouldn't call it a problem, per se!!  :)

I've been pumping 5 weeks, and have also seen a decrease in my basal
needs, but I think that's great -- the less insulin I use the better!!! 
:)  Helps with weight control, AND it could decrease cardiac risk (based
on the idea that all DMers who inject have high levels of insulin in
peripheral circulation because it doesn't go to the liver first).  I
don't know whether that's really true or not, but still, it makes sense
to me to take as little as possible (while maintaining good BGs)!

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