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[IP] my first couple hours

Hello everybody!   I had my pump training this morning 10 a.m.  My trainer (a 
pumper) was very good and thorough.  Had sense of humor and related some of 
her own experiences.  I was officially hooked up by 12:30.  I was worried 
that I'd have to use saline in it for a day or so.  I've read here about 
others having to do that.  But--no saline for me!!  I'm on the real stuff.  
Endo. has me on Humalog --constant rate of .5/hr  for now.  Bg levels have 
been pretty much ok--not perfect.  I think I bolused too much for my Auntie 
Anne's pretzel, so I took care of that.  Then later , me and the bag of 
pretzels got a little cozy of the loveseat while watching a movie.  So, I'm 
taking care of that now.  But all in all, I'm excited and I'm sure I'll love 
it as much as everybody else here....    
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