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Re: [IP] weight gain

We also have to remember that the pump does give us better control and with that
our bodies are using the sugar that is circulating in our bloodstream.  We have
become accustom to eating more to maintain our weight (or at least some have) or
simply being able to eat without gaining that when we do get control we start
gaining.  It happened to me (even though I had reduced caloric intake) and I was
at a loss, until someone actually explained what was going on.  

I still can't eat potatoes with out my bgs going high no matter how much I
bolus.  Pumping allows most people to eat what you want but you have to remember
that now your body is actually processing the sugar and it WILL go to thy hips!
Since going on the pump I haven't gained wait but I have cut back on eating and
increased exercise.  Sticking to your diet and exercising will help prevent
weight gain and possibly even make you lose weight.   Just my few cents worth.


P.S. And for those of us who can't spell there is spell checker, of course it
doesn't correct grammar or typos.

email @ redacted wrote:
> Someone said:
> > my doctor also said I will gain weight when I go on my insulin pump
> First of all, the pump will not make you gain weight.  What you eat and how
> much you exercise and how well your metabolism works are what cause you to
> gain and lose weight...
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