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Re: [IP] Shoe magnets and feet

At 01:18 PM 4/26/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>     On the other hand I recently saw some very suprising testing results
>     of magnets within shoes for diabetics to releive nueropathy.
>     My thinking on the shoe/foot magnets is like this.  The same way that
>     when the earth rolls it causes the 'loose' things that one wants to
>     'lose' to roll towards California (poor minimed) the magnets cause the
>     magnetic impulses in the nerves that would normally be running up to
>     the brain and making one scream in pain to be 'stuck' next to the
>     magnet.

We've noticed all the junk flowing down to California... as a safety 
precaution we have the gates closed to Oregon. But, don't worry, we'll open 
them as soon as it's safe.

We obviously need magnetic infusion sets. This would be tuned to attract 
insulin-poor blood. With a polarity switch, we could repel blood near the 
infusion set during hypoglycemic episodes.

I also wonder if magnets would be attracted to places with great amounts of 
blood (especially if you're taking iron supplements). As an example, if you 
put a magnetic helmet on your head when you ride a motorcycle, all of the 
blood would attract the magnets and prevent your helmet from falling off. 
It would also keep lots of blood in the cranial area helping you keep a 
cool head on your shoulders and help prevent diabetic complications. Of 
course all that blood pooling around the brain and not getting down to the 
lungs for oxygenation might cause a few minor side effects, like loss of 
memory and lack of motor function... but, what the heck... nothing is perfect.

(my 5 cents, more complicated)

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