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Re: [IP] Gestational Diabetes


Just because it didn't appear in other family members doesn't necessarily mean
it is or is not genetic.  Out of 26 grandkids only 2 of us have gotten
diabetes.  (I have it on both sides of my family, so it could have come from
that side as well.)  No one prior to my grandmother was diagnosed and none of my
moms Brothers or sister have it to our knowledge.  I really don't think doctors
know the exact cause of diabetes.  Families that have never had it get it and
those who have it rampantly will miss a generation.  No one can blame themself
for Diabetes. It is no respector of persons. 


email @ redacted wrote:
> In a message dated 4/26/99 8:43:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted
> writes:
> << << .  I know I didn't DO anything to give them diabetes but when
>   you end up with THREE of them, it does make you wonder why.  Just a
> mother's
>   little guilt trip here, I guess.
>   Kelly >>
>  Two of them makes you wonder, too!!      Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
>   >>
> Thanks Doreen,
>                 It's good to know someone understands.  I realize the
> genetics of it and all, but when you have NO family history on either side
> and then WHAMMO!! Three diabetic kids (out of a possible 4), it makes me look
> past the genetics and consider environmental possibilities.  I know that
> knowing WHY (if I ever do) won't change anything or make it any different, it
> is just something that I wonder about sometimes.  I don't consume myself with
> it, nor do I dwell on it, but being in the same situation yourself, I'm sure
> you can understand why I think about it sometimes.
>                 I ended up with type 2 from YEARS of taking steroids to
> control my asthma.  The steroids gave me glaucoma too.  Our endo has told me
> that if I wasn't predisposed to both of these conditions they would not have
> been brought out as permanent conditions solely by steroid use.  Steroids
> will produce higher blood sugars and raised ocular pressure as a matter of
> side effects but both of these should resolve upon discontinuation of steroid
> usage.  Well, they didn't and now the big D and G are here to stay.....we
> have NO family history of type 2 either OR glaucoma either.  Believe me, I'm
> no idiot and I understand completely the workings of genetics here, but when
> you have NO family history anywhere to support it, I find it hard to let go
> of without a reason.  As a mom in the same situation I'm sure you understand.
>                 As for the person who made the "breech birth" joke....it
> wasn't funny.  YOU try raising THREE diabetic kids and then come back and
> joke about it  :-(
> Kelly
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