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[IP] Shoe magnets and feet

     On the other hand I recently saw some very suprising testing results 
     of magnets within shoes for diabetics to releive nueropathy.
     My thinking on the shoe/foot magnets is like this.  The same way that 
     when the earth rolls it causes the 'loose' things that one wants to 
     'lose' to roll towards California (poor minimed) the magnets cause the 
     magnetic impulses in the nerves that would normally be running up to 
     the brain and making one scream in pain to be 'stuck' next to the 
     Note that all of these magnetic studies did NOT tell you that all 
     these people had lost the ability to feel with their feet (as all of 
     the nerve impulses were stuck to the magnets) or that they had 20 
     minutes or so of ACUTE pain when the magnets were removed (due to the 
     collected nerve messages being released and racing up the spinal cord 
     to the brain).
     I think the answer may be an AC device to trap and 'turn around' the 
     electrical signals.  Then they would cancel each other out and 
     everything would be 'ok'.
     Just my 0.02 (plain).
     By the way: if one takes a light bulb with a wire soldered to the 
     input and output of it (side and bottom) such that have a complete 
     circuit, and takes it into an MRI machine, chances are it WILL light 
     up.  Note that moving magnetic fields cause electric fields in wires 
     (that's why one cannot wear watches, metal jewelry, glasses or 
     anything else which might contain metal or wire into the MRI).  
     Doesn't take much to see why pump would get upset by this.
     Anyone ever take a flourescent bulb under one of the 240 power lines 
     and watch it light up???  (very similar-> there you've got moving 
     electric field which is causing an electric field)

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