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Re: [IP] i dont have no ducks

email @ redacted wrote:
> > Sara has ducks in a row maybe one got loose.  she couldn' t find
> > them for a while.  Another of Sara'sducks not in a row.
> I think this is Natalie SERA, who is NOT SARA.  *This* particular Sara, not
> to be confused with our new member, SaraH,  has no ducks in a row...and if
> she did, she'd shoot them and have her pappy make gumbo out of em

I was wondering if anyone would notice!! I get called Sara a lot more
than I like -- I'd rather leave that name for the REAL Saras!!!  :)
> Sara - who would like to line up all the quacky doctors out there and add
> them to her stew....

So would I -- especially when some innocent, newly diagnosed person
believes that by following their advice  (and not believing that I know
what I'm talking about!) that everything will be fine, and then
experiences serious complications a few years down the line!!!
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 Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!
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