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[IP] Re: Get ready, get set-

Hello all-
Well just waiting for pump aproval, I've learned so much but yet so much to 
Because of cost it looks like this will take a month or so to go through my 
cost 5000? monthly about 300 !   Wow- mine should cover all (hopefuly!) I 
have a great group of people helping me!    I'm soooo looking forward to 
flexability! & no more ups & downs!
I've choosen minimed after much thought!   Blue sounds good!   Who knows how 
I may wear it! - The leg thing the waist & bra I guess!  And I liked the 
pocket in the dress idea!   When I wear it clipped on to my waist  it will 
probably be show & tell.  I want to explain it breifly & to the point so they 
understand but don't make a big deal! 
 I've found so much helpful info here at the IP group thank you!   Rosie
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