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[IP] Swimming/late nights/sleeping in...help!

Hi Folks!
Erica is still doing terrific.  The only problem we really have is Erica
forgetting her bolus.  It frustrates us all a little bit (try not to let
on too much...she has enough on her plate), but like she said, she
forgets because it is easy to!  Nice compliment about pumping!!

We are heading out for a weekend at a beachfront resort on Friday.  We
have a cottage on the oceanfront.  Compliments of my brother, it is our
PUMP CELEBRATION!  Anyway, I know swimming can be troublesome.  All the
hints I got for pizza helped us conquer that....how about swimming, late
nights, and sleeping in?  Checking sugars in the middle of the night is
not a problem but we would like to avoid lows as much as possible.  Any
Suggestions?  Should we avoid swimming after supper?  We intend to
disconnect during the swimming, but do most people still require a

Oh, and if it makes any difference. we will be swimming indoors so she
will be VERY active.  We are in Nova Scotia, and although we have been
having some beautiful weather the past month, some days in the high
60's, it is definitely NOT beach weather!  I think we will be sitting on
the porch with blankets around us and a nice fire in the woodstove at
night.  Doesn't it sound nice? Can't wait!!

See ya!
ps....loved the hypoglycemic poems which were posted....very funny.

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