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[IP] weight gain

Someone said:

> my doctor also said I will gain weight when I go on my insulin pump

First of all, the pump will not make you gain weight.  What you eat and how 
much you exercise and how well your metabolism works are what cause you to 
gain and lose weight...and on that subject...this is a general rant regarding 

LOSE vs. LOOSE.  "I want to *loose* weight" and "the pump made it impossible 
to *loose* weight." are NOT CORRECT.  This word rhymes with goose, moose and 
papoose.   The word you want to you use is "lose" pronounced LOOOOZ.  You use 
"loose" when you want to say..."My pants are LOOSE cuz I was able to LOSE 
weight while on the pump."  and HOW do you LOSE the weight that made your 
pants so LOOSE?  By NOT eating like a normal American...With the pump, we can 
eat what we want...fritos, ben and jerrys, oreos...and not even just the bad 
stuff.  instead of 2 bread exchanges and 2 fat exchanges worth of french 
fries, we can eat 9 exchanges worth if we want (which is about what a Super 
Size at McDonalds is!!!)   

When we eat what we want, that often means MORE than the RDA of 
calories...and almost ALWAYS what your body needs...since we no longer need 
to eat to prepare for that long hard winter....so guess what???  We gain 
weight!  If you use (rhymes with LOSE) more than you eat, then you lose 
(rhymes with USE) weight...and your pants get LOOSE (rhymes with GOOSE)

The pump is a machine.  If it makes you gain weight, it is ONLY because it is 
full of insulin and you didn't disconnect before you got on the scale.  
Eating too much, not getting enough exercise and/or having a slower 
metabolism is what makes you gain weight.

If you want to LOSE weight, try writing down all the garbage we put in our 
mouths!!!  When I first started pumping, I got so disgusted by what I was 
seeing on my log, that I stopped eating the crap...and lost 12 pounds!!!  Of 
course, now that I am a veteran and know how much to bolus for that super 
size...and when I am LAZY about logging...I gain weight...and my pants are no 
longer LOOSE!

(who was a runner up in the Rocky Mountain Spelling Bee in 1976!

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