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[IP] without the bulge.

Di wrote:

> I don't mind it being visible, but it looks weird if it's covered up 
> and bulging.....[SNIP] I can wear it in my bra.....but it doesn't
> feel very secure and is a little awkward to get at in public!
> So I am wondering how people wear it on their leg 

well, i have this indentation on my leg that the pump just slides into so 
that it is flush with my skin...no bump! no strange looks from strangers, I 
don't catch it on doorknobs or drawers!  and there is a little flap of skin 
that goes over the top so I can even wear a bathing suit and no one knows i 
have on a medical device!!!

Actually...the bulge GOES with the pump.  It isnt written in the pump 
literature anywhere, but you WILL have this small beeper sized THING attached 
to you, and unless you have some strange body cavity in which to hide it, or 
if you choose to wear clingy bike shorts or stretchy pants without a big 
baggy shirt, or if you are not well endowed and can hide it in your cleavage, 
then "they" and everyone else who really looks at you , will probably be able 
to see it!  (but really, fewer people are staring at you than you think - 
they are more concerned about their own personal appearance than whether you 
have an odd bump here or there.)  

GET OVER IT!!!  Either wear the pump and accept the bulge - find ways to 
lessen it, if you must, OR go back to injections which don't have an 
inconvenient bump to hide and you won't have to worry about what people 
"think."  If people are so worried about how they are going to wear their 
tight new dress to the prom, then surely they can go realize they can go back 
to the insulin pen for a few hours - it won't KILL you, and you wont have a 
"weird bump" to hide!  At least, as adults, we are bigger than the 
pump...think of munchkin sized Kayla, on who the pump is probably 4/5ths her 
body weight!!!  She sticks it in her drawers and doesnt worry about the 
strange bumps...but then she is six....ahhh to be six!!!

Be Loud, Be Proud....BE BUMPY!!!

Sara...who has bumps in all the right places

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