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[IP] take a number Ellen

Ellen wrote (re: Brian's scary [one "R"] pump meeting)

> it's the meeting mediator's fault for not shutting this person up 
> and throwing them out!!!... lemme at 'em!!!

lol...take a number Ellen.  I would have already shut this person down and 
told them they were stupid.  Brian you are to be commended for your fortitude 
in sitting there and taking that so politely!  God knows if I hadn't been 
able to shut her up, I would have loudly and obnoxiously made my true 
feelings known.

Ask Brad Saks who runs our NYC pump group...I am a trouble maker and rabble 
rouser when it comes to diabetes....and I wouldnt have it any other way.  

Sara (who ought to be a CDE...can you imagine a whole bunch of pancreatically 
challenged individuals like me???  scarrrrrrrrry thought!l
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