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Re: Re" [IP] Gestational Diabetes

All you mothers of diabetic kids who are iabetic or just blaming yourselves>  
My family has no history of diabetes and my mother is not diabetic.  I think 
sometimes life just gives those from good parents with a little stronger will 
more perserverance a little something to level the playing field.  Your 
children don't blame you and in their hearts know that it is life and their 
bodies that have given them this disease.  I cannot blame anyone or anything. 
I just live with it th best I can and get on with my life.  There are so many 
advances today and we can live an almost normal life and enjoy so much of 
life, when compared to those before insulin who had maybe a few years at most 
and these were fraught with pain and suffering.  Even then it was life not 
mothers faults.  We are predisposed to the big D if it comes we can make the 
best of it or feel sorry for ourselves.  I for one wish to make the best of 
it.  Blaming or feeling guilty only hurts ourselves and those who love most.
Thanks,                        0- 
Don Penguin pumper.,  /(^)\
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