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[IP] filling the MM with a cartridge

Someone asked about how to fill the MM reservoir from a cartridge of Humalog.
It should work if you don't inject any air into the cartridge, and
just draw out the insulin as normal.
If it sticks and you can't get any insulin out, I take the BD insulin
pen, open it up so you reveal the whole of the plunger mechanism (the
black spirally bit) and use that to push down on the other end of the
cartridge as you draw the insulin out. Or you could use any long
pointy thing you have to hand but I couldn't think of anything else

I'm actually considering always using cartridges instead of vials -
it's actually much easier and I seem to have less problem with air
bubbles that way. Of course you only get 1.ml but htat's ifne if you
use the short reservoir method (and if you don't you could always use
more than one cartridge to fill it.


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