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Re: [IP] Gestational Diabetes

You know?  I wondered the same thing!  Kristina was 6 weeks early and
was 4lbs, 14ozs!  I used to ask our doc about that all the time and
always got the same answer... being premature had nothing to do with her
diabetes!  I've finally accepted that answer now that I know autoimmune
diseases are related!  I have hypothyroidism and discovered it only 6
months before I became pregnant with her... I discovered it when my
first pregnancy ended in miscarriage because of it!


>>>>>>You know, I've heard this too, however, I have 3 boys with type 1,
never had
gestational D (but now have type 2) and two out of the three were
(8weeks early & 7weeks early) (1 was normal 7lbs)...Although I've been
differently by the endo, I've often wondered if being preemie had
anything to
do with their developing the big D.   :-(
Not that it really matters now, but I have wondered.


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