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[IP] {IP} Problems with Silhouettes

In the 6 months I've been pumping, I've mostly used the softsets, using the 
sils only above the waist and having problems with crimping there.  But the 
softsets sometimes hurt when I move, so I have been trying sils again, this 
time in lower abdomen where I usually wear the softset.

Today at lunch I got a No Del with the bolus (which I didn't hear, only saw 
when I went to bolus for some additional food).  Only 1.5 of the 3.5 units 
had delivered, according to the pump history.  When I tried a second bolus, I 
got a No Del after 2.1 units, and a 3rd try after 2.4 units.  The pump seemed 
to work when quick released, so I assumed it was my site.  Unfortunately, I 
only had a softset with me, and not a whole lot of insulin in the syringe.  I 
had tried to inject with my pen before the 3rd bolus, but the needle seemed 
to be clogged.  Has anyone figured out a good method to get insulin out of a 
pen cartridge with a minimed syringe?  I actually blew the stopper by putting 
air in it after I could not withdraw any insulin, then was able to salvage 
about half the insulin in it, enough to make it seem worthwhile to prime and 
attach the thing.  I really was considering just injecting with that huge 
needle on the minimed syringe, though.

I had the (bad) sil (which had been a just fine sil at breakfast time) 
attached with the needle facing towards my waist from the lower abdomen.  
When I removed it (hours later at home in good light), it was still 
definitely inserted, but more of the cannula was showing than seemed right.  
I am speculating that the friction of my clothing had been making it 
gradually come out, and that it had gotten to a point where my tissue was not 
able to absorb more than a little insulin at a time.  The service rep 
suggested inserting toward the side instead of up and down.  Has this 
happened to anyone else?

Incidently, I evidently did receive all the insulin recorded on the pump 
before the 3 delivery alarms -- somehow I had assumed I would not have, and 
was surprised that my blood sugar did not go wild.
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