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Hi I have type 1 diabetes for 25yrs in July I just started treating myself 
better after getting treatment for ADD and a depression anxiety disorder 
about 6 months ago. Then a month a got the flu and my blood sugar has been 
crazy during this time I have developed some very nasty neuropathy in my legs 
after not being able to sleep right I finally went to my endo for help He put 
me on elavil. The next day I felt sane again I could remember what I was 
doing long enough to test my blood sugar I finally got my blood sugar down. 
Then a had to go to the eye DR. I need 4 laser treatments. 2 in each eye.   i 
never had complacation before expect laser 1 each eye in 1988. Also I need 
some inforamation on calorie carbhytor counting.
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