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[IP] Chiropractore (was scarry support group meeting)

In a message dated 4/24/99 10:25:24 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Well, this might be interesting to note this here.  I
 was told this very thing.  And when i was a kid, and
 my blood sugars were really whacked out,  My mother
 would take me to the chiropracter, and they would
 level out.  >>
My GP feels that there is indeed something to chiro's claims that by 
improving the spine and nerves that internal organs benefit.  She doesn't 
feel that they should replace medical docs but shoudl work with them in 
treating patients.  We have a group of chiros here in town that are quite 
respected by the medical community.  They don't make claims that they can 
cure things they can't and refer patients to MDs when necessary.

One time I went in for an adjustment because my back was hurting.  After 
adjusting me, my chiro said I needed to go see my MD, he felt that there was 
something wrong with my kidneys.  Within 24 hours I was hospitalized with a 
very severe kidney infection.  Go figure.

Unfortunately, Ithere are chiros out there that make claims like being able 
to cure diabetes. I went to a guy who said that to me.  I got up off the 
table and walked out.

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