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Re: [IP] re; leg things

In a message dated 4/24/99 4:55:29 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< If I wear a dress with an in-seam pocket, I rip open a little bit of the 
 pocket seam, detach the pump, thread the tubing through the hole, reattach 
 and put the pump in my pocket. If no in-seam pockets, I wear Elvis in my 
bra.  >>


I love it that you have named your pump.   I'm sure it has created some 
interesting converstions "Where's Elvis" "Oh, he's in my bra right now". LOL. 

Great idea about the pocket.  When I started on the pump (over 11 years ago) 
there was no such thing as a quick release, detaching form the pump took all 
sorts of manuevers so I didn't do it very often.  For fuller skirt dresses, I 
tie a piece of soft rope-type stuff around my waist and then knot it at the 
end and clip the pump to the knot.  When I have to bolus I just lift my skirt 
a bit an there's my pump on a rope.  I'm going to have to try the pocket 
thing.  Thanks.

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