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Re: [IP] Gestational Diabetes

email @ redacted wrote:
> My brother went to see his new doctor on Friday.  This doctor says the reason
> that my brother is diabetic is because our mother had gestational
> diabetes...This man has never met my mother, and (she's never had gestational
> diabetes.)   The doctor says he know's this to be true because
>  1)   my brother was "Such a big baby"...(He only weighed 7 lbs at birth)...
>  2)   3 out of 4 children are diabetic  ( I guess the fact that 3
> grandparents, 1 parent
>        our father, and 3 uncles are also diabetic doesn't have anything to do
> with it)

Is it time for your brother to change docs????

A seven-pound baby is an AVERAGE baby, not a large one. 

Also, what TYPE of diabetes does your brother have? If it's Type 1, then
it has NOTHING to do with the pregnancy at all; if it's Type 2, it's
more likely to occur in those who were SMALL babies -- i.e. low weight
for gestational age (not preemies). But this low weight is NOT the
result of gestational diabetes -- babies of mothers with gestational DM
are large, like over 9 lb.  

IF a mother has gestational diabetes, it means that the genes for DM - 2
are in the family anyway -- and so the child could end up with Type 2
for genetic reasons, not because of anything that happened in the

So this doc is full of kaka, and I wouldn't trust him to treat MY DM!!


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