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[IP] First post-pump A1c

Hi y'all

I must report that I recently received my first A1c since I got everything 
all adjusted on my wonderful Elvis -- 6.1, down from 6.9 the day I went 
"live."  (I'd had a 6.8 at my 4-week check.)

Also a neat story: I was at a function yesterday and, after eating lunch, 
went to the dessert table and got some goodies. As I was walking back to my 
table, I passed a woman who saw what I had in my hand and exclaimed, "Jan 
...!" I braced myself to tell her it was none of her business what I ate in 
anticipation that she would ask if I should be eating that. Instead, she 
continued, "... you'd better start pushing some buttons on that pump!!!"

They're learning, folks!!!

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