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[IP] Re: ID Bracelet for Kids & Adults

Dear Group:

Sorry I haven'y written in a long time, but business has been taking much of my time, but I hope to get
contribute more often from now on.

On the subject of a comfortable ID bracelet for kids (or adults), my mother bought me a metal watch
wrist-band type bracelet about twenty years ago, form a jeweler at Springfield Mall in Norhther Virginia.
It has a medic alert symbol on the band, which can open up to hold a folded id card. She had my name
engraved on the top, and you can add "DIABETIC" on the underside on the band, or inside the little

I've never had a problem with losing ot or being uncomfartable, and no problem with metal detectors at
airports. I've lost several of those drug store chain-style bands which were a bother to try and get on or
take off, but my gold band has never given me  a problem. Another nice thing about it is that it is a
classic man's or woman's gold bracelet that will look fine in any social situation, including business
meetings and formal events. It even goes with the tuxedo I wore to my brother's wedding.

I would imagine that other jewelers across the country carry similar bands, and they are not expensive, I
last saw them at $20-$30 or so.


Amil Vazquez Jr.

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