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[IP] Our successful Gala

Dear IP-ers:
    Just wanted to share with all my cyber-friends that the Philadelphia JDF 
chapter raised at least $850,000 last night (probably closer to $900,000) at 
our annual GALA fund-raiser. Since JDF gives 86 cents on every dollar to 
research, that's a MEGA success compared to last year's event which raised 
$250,000! It was a herculean effort on the part of the meager staff, 
committed committee members (myself included) & lots of other people who DO 
care about seeing diabetes CURED! Since our WALK to CURE DIABETES also raised 
$1.2 million last September (compared to a mere $92,000 the first year 
Melissa & I participated in 1992, right after her diagnosis), this is an 
UNBELIEVABLE fiscal year for the chapter!
    More importantly, a video was shown that was made last fall featuring 
about 10 local kids with diabetes, talking about their life with diabetes - 
how it feels to be high, to be low, to be different, etc. Melissa appeared on 
screen several times & even commented (unknown to us at the time of filming) 
that she owed a lot of her success to the support of her parents! With actor 
Alan Thicke ( parent of a son with diabetes) acting as emcee, Melissa and the 
other kids then came out on stage & assisted in calling off guests' bid 
numbers, as they voluntarily contributed yet again to a research grant, in 
honor of the businessman being honored that evening. Within 10 minutes, that 
single event had raised $140,000 of the total. I wish I could effectively 
articulate the excitement in these kids' eyes, as they looked  out over the 
audience & saw these strangers pledging thousands of dollars to help 
ameliorate their lives.
     Lastly, just had to share, that I saw an elderly JDF board member & 
asked how his granddaughter was doing. He smiled & said she's about to go on 
the pump....and that ever since he heard Melissa & my friend's daughter speak 
about their pumps at a WALK corporate recruitment breakfast 2 years ago, he'd 
been persistent in steering his grandchild toward that goal.......
    So despite all the infuriatingly DUMB comments we all hear about 
diabetes; despite all the doctors who resist, rather than embrace, the input 
from an empowered, enlightened, informed patient......we pump-proponents ARE 
making a difference in ripple-like 

Regards, Renee
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